Building and supporting business in the heart of SOHA

The Macklind Business District promote, develop and maintain a prosperous business community along Macklind Avenue.

The Macklind Business District was incorporated in the State of Missouri in October 2006 as a not for profit organization. Our Mission is to promote and maintain a prosperous business community along Macklind Avenue; to develop and provide and attractive commercial component to compliment the residential character of the area.

Our Objectives:
1. To educate the business community about the advantages of operating a business within the Macklind Business District

2. To attract new businesses to the area and serve as a source of support for them.

3. To increase regional awareness of the Macklind Business District

4. To maintain a strong, cohesive and viable business community within the District boundaries.

5. To organize and promote events that drive walking traffic to the District.

6. To continuously seek city programs and funding that benefit the Macklind Business District and its members.

7. To serve as an information source that keeps you informed of issue that affect your business and the community in which you do business.